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    The company has inherited the overall assets of China Agricultural Means of Production Group in fertilizer business, is the domestic largest fertilizer circulation enterprise, bears the responsibility of the main channel of national fertilizer circulation, is the effective carrier to implement the national policies beneficial to farmers and serves as the strong base for the government to serve agriculture and adjust and control the market. The company has exerted a leading role serving as “national team” in the areas of guaranteeing fertilizer supplier, stabilizing fertilizer price, accomplishing tasks of relief reserve and guiding farmers to conduct scientific fertilizer since the establishment to have effectively boosted the national grain security to strongly promote the development of modern agriculture.
    The company proactively responds to the nation’s summons to make great efforts to develop friendly-environmental organic fertilizer project with balanced nutrients and in compliance with the future industrial trend of development and simultaneously sets out to set up the national fertilizer R&D center by beefing up cooperation with Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other large-size scientific research institutions to make its contributions in improving the soil environment of China, raising the fertilizing level, developing green agriculture and boasting circular economy. Presently, the company has researched and developed differentiation urea products of “polypeptide highly-effective urea” and “double-enzyme urea”, with a good effect on increase of grain production and good comments from vast farmer friends.
    To promote the development of modern agriculture and uplift the comprehensive level of serving agriculture, the company takes initiative to boosting the development of comprehensive agriculture in a bid to organically combine the standardized agriculture and designated agriculture through extending the existing industrial chain, and establish a new business pattern of the integration of interests of the company and farmers while raising the added value of agricultural products so as to effectively realize the transfer from the merely dealer of agricultural means of production to the supplier of comprehensive agricultural services.
    At present, the company has given high priority to the emerging business with crop planting and packaging, purchase, processing and distribution of agricultural products and formulation of the standard for agricultural industrialization as main content on the basis of the existing business to make great efforts to develop characteristic agriculture to have gained good economic and social benefits.
    In 2010, the company acting as the main body in building the rural logistics service system of the Ministry of Finance conducted work and implemented the plan for “agricultural means of production to the countryside” in Hubei, Hebei and Jilin. Base on statistics, in terms of agrochemical services, the company had as of late June conducted guiding activities of scientific plantings and fertilizing of all sorts through cooperation with colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and agrochemical experts, and has presently finished 35 special trainings, 241 lectures to popularizing scientific knowledge, more than 1000 scientific popularization activities, over 2000-time field guidance, analysis and collection of 3000-plus copies of soil samples, got more than 150,000 farmers benefiting from the above-mentioned forms, printed and distributed 100,000 copies of propaganda materials, released 100,000 pieces of marketing products and prepared nearly 10,000 copies of various science books on agriculture for grassroots farmers.